As part of the “It’s complicated” exhibition at Factory of dreams, there was a series of sculptures titled Versus, where the word love transforms into other words that are not necessarily opposites but rather more ambiguous, such as Heal, Hard, Drug, Rare, Game – open concepts chosen to connect with the spectator. Love is a feeling that we all experience at some point, and these words, which are actually infinite, aim to reflect different ways of perceiving it.

In a formal sense, the sculptures are conceived as visualizations of an impossible world that has been materialized to challenge the viewer to believe in the improbable and make it a reality. Their morphology reflects the complexity of human relationships with structures that represent a delicate balance, with tensions and imbalances alluding to the struggles and challenges in our own relationships.

All pieces are, 26,5cm x 32,5cm x 26,5cm. Synthetic enamel on polyurethane resin.

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