Educate Yourself

It’s a staple of today’s discourse and an attractively simple solution to an increasingly complex problem.
Have we finally arrived at a post-truth future?

‘Educate yourself’ is only a solution if you see the problem of truth — its troubling shapelessness, its susceptibility to emotion, and opinion — as something that originates from a failure to grasp (or accept) observable facts. But what if we, as humans, really can’t distinguish between the ‘is’ and the ‘ought’, between truth and values, between the projections of our own perceptions and the tangible, material world in front of us? What if powers greater than ourselves — nationstates, multinational corporations, our own biology — don’t want us to?

Each piece in this series examines these questions through a digital medium. A collection of thoughts and creations from artists around the globe, together it asks: who benefits from our growing inability to truly understand the world around us and to exist together in the same reality?

… and can we do anything about it?

These series of typographic animated “one-word poems”, have been created by a growing number of artists set out to visualize all the unreliable noise around us, and how something so fundamentally important has become so elusive.

Antfood crafted a modular composition for these visualizations. Each of the looping sound pieces stands on its own, and combine to form a greater whole. Every listening session will be different depending on the order and the number of the pieces activated.

Art Direction and Concept
Alex Trochut

Music Composed by

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Melyn McKay

Artists by Order:

1. Alex Trochut
2. Ars Thanea
3. Dvein
4. Jordi Pages
5. FoReal
6. Peter John Kearney
7. Freddy Arenas
8. Shane Griffin
9. Frank J Guzzone
10. Dvein
11. Leon Studio
12. Nil Serraima
13. David McLeod
14. Pablo Lozano
15. MakMac

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