Reinventing Beauty

First created as a static image in 2018, this piece was commissioned by @ZbyHP and was created under the theme Reinventing Beauty. It references many of my most treasured creative heroes (Carlos Cruz-Diez, Franco Grignani) and some of my favorite graphic/art styles: Op-Art, Kinetic Color Theory, Psychedelia, and 3D. In that sense, as a creative work, it brings a lot of ‘me’ together into one image. I’m presenting it as a loop animation transitioning from abstract to representational, taking you on a short hypnotic trip from Op-Art and Kineticism, into an iconic surreal hallucination. I’m also truly happy to pair this piece with a drone loop created by my ‘synthsei’ @ishback , which I feel gives the animation a truly special sonic vibe. It’s yet another way this NFT incorporates parts of my life into itself.

Sold as NFT on SuperRare

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